Our SBA/USDA Lender Assistance team consisting of government loans specialists and our Operations Manager is friendly, helpful and eager to assist lenders (new or seasoned) with their loan sale process. With an average experience of over twenty years each, our personnel will be the best government loan consulting team you can access for assistance and the best part is that it is free!

Resources Available to Loan Sellers in the Secondary Market:
  • Educate lenders on the mechanics of the loan sale process
  • Discuss accounting issues involved in the sale of guaranteed loans
  • Define the roles of all participants (lender, investor, FTA and governmental agency)
  • Assist lenders with the completion of the loan documentation
  • Act as a liaison between lender and agency to expedite the delivery of loan documentation to FHN Financial
  • Provide assistance with payment schedules
Providing Guidance to Resolve Borrower Payment Issues:
  • Deferment of borrower payments of modifications to terms and conditions of the promissory note
  • Borrower defaults and the formal demand process
  • Borrower prepayments and any calculations of penalties that will be assessed and passed through to the respective holders (investors)
  • Proper procedures to document any approved changes to borrowers terms (sample forms will be presented for lender review)

For more information about lender assistance, please call us at 800.489.3232 or email us at LenderAssistance@fhnfinancial.com.