In 2012, buoyed by a desire to make a difference in your community, we created the FHN Financial Capital Markets Public Finance Group, now comprised of a Municipal Products Manager, a national Head of Public Finance, approximately 20 public finance banking professionals, nearly a dozen trading and underwriting professionals, and 11 dedicated municipal securities salespersons complemented by nearly 150 fixed income product salespersons who also focus on selling municipal securities. We are backed by $8.2 billion in capital as a division of First Horizon Bank, N.A., which we don't hesitate to put behind every underwriting in which we participate. We also leverage our unparalleled depository distribution system to create more competition for the sale of your bonds. In fact, where we bring the most value is our ability to reach bank portfolio and trust department buyers that have traditionally NOT bought tax-exempt general market municipal bonds along with Tier II, III, and IV accounts that are less extensively covered by our competitor firms. From healthcare and school districts to nonprofits, we have the resources in place to bring your issue to the market.

Contact Mike Allen, Municipal Products Manager, for more information.

FHN Financial’s total municipal par underwritten in 2016 was $33.3 billion, an increase of 50% from the previous year. Similarly, our 2015 total municipal par underwritten increased over 160% from 2014. By par amount, we ranked 3rd for all competitive issues and 5th by number of issues for all Texas negotiated underwritings – the Firm’s flagship Public Finance Market.