FHN Financial is rooted in a tireless commitment to provide the best products, people, and services. Nowhere is that more apparent than in our Fixed Income Sales and Trading efforts. Our trading and underwriting capability is the heart of FHN Financial. It's how we originally built our reputation, and it's still how we serve thousands of customers around the world today.

While markets have changed over the generations, making customers our priority has not. Whether you want to buy or sell securities, need help managing your balance sheet, or seek to limit interest rate risk, we can deliver the appropriate products and services, precisely tailored to your institution's needs.

FHN Financial serves approximately 4,000 institutional customers in more than 40 countries. We have an average daily trading volume of approximately $3.5 billion. Our trading desks are staffed by highly experienced, long-tenured traders. We have one of the highest trader-to-sales ratios in the industry, because that is what it takes to have the right products, at the right price, at the right time to meet your expectations.

From your dedicated sales representative to our back office and portfolio accounting teams, every single member of the FHN Financial team is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

FHN Financial offers fixed income sales and trading through two distinct platforms:

FHN Financial Capital Markets
  • Registered as a Municipal Securities
    and Government Securities Dealer
  • Regulated by the the Federal Reserve and
    State of Tennessee Department of Financial Institutions
  • Governments
  • Agencies
  • Mortgage-backed securities
  • SBAs and GGLs
  • Municipal bonds
  • Money market securities
FHN Financial Securities Corporation
  • Registered as a Broker Dealer
  • Regulated by the Securities and Exchange
    Commission (SEC) and FINRA
  • Corporates
  • Non-Agency ABS
  • Whole Loan CMOs
  • Private placement securities