Investment Management

Proactive Management Style blends principles learned from both passive and active disciplines. While investments are made with a long-term view, portfolios and market conditions are closely monitored to look for opportunities to improve and safeguard results. Proactive is the ideal strategy for operating fund portfolios looking for an above money market rate of return. Since the return of principle is the foremost objective, investments are made in a manner to mitigate risks while prudently achieving realistic returns. Proactive Investment Management can be provided on a discretionary or a non-discretionary basis.

Investment Consulting

Because investment markets are evolving at an increasingly faster rate, it may be prudent to hire industry experts to help develop, update and/or revise Investment Practices and Procedures. Keeping informed and up to date will improve your ability to understand the challenges while reviewing the opportunities that lie ahead.

Cash Flow Modeling and Management

Our time spent as Investment Officers within municipal government gives us insight and expertise uncommon to most Registered Investment Advisors. As a result, we have the edge when providing services such as cash flow forecasting and cash management, in addition to the traditional investment management services. Furthermore, our unique perspective enables us to better guide our clients through many other issues impacting the management of their assets.

Client Training, Education, and Marketing Analysis

When considering whether to “buy-it” or “build-it”, also consider that “it” might already exist. Perhaps the key to unlocking the ability of your investment department is by simply training current staff to perform duties that are all too often being performed by just one overtaxed person. FHN Financial Main Street Consultants will review your current situation and help create and implement a staff-training program to accomplish your goals. Again, relying on the practical knowledge that can only be learned through experience, the FHN Financial Main Street advantage is such that we’ve not only been inside municipal governments, we’ve been inside Wall Street. This uniquely qualifies us to educate your staff on how to interact with Wall Street.


Reporting is the cornerstone to the investment process. Accurate and transparent reporting enables those responsible for Investment Management to properly disclose investment activities as well as identify opportunities and/or problems in the process.