Public Sector Investment Advisory Services

Through our Main Street Advisors team, FHN Financial thoroughly understands what's unique about your responsibility of overseeing public fund investment portfolios — namely, that return of principal is more important than return on principal.

Accordingly, we are dedicated to providing you with intelligent investment strategies to enable public entities to prudently and effectively enhance income.

Investment Philosophy

Our approach to investments focuses exclusively on the public sector and is guided by the three tenets — safety, liquidity, and investment return.

  • Safety — We undertake investments in a manner that seeks to ensure preservation of capital and to mitigate credit and interest rate risk.
  • Liquidity — It is critical to have sufficient liquidity to meet all operating requirements that you might reasonably anticipate.
  • Investment Return — Earning a market rate of return in relation to the prevailing budgetary and economic environments, while taking into account your investment risk constraints and your portfolio's cash flow characteristics